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aqib blouch

@realDonaldTrump U and Israel are planning to drag arab nation into a war..... If that drone of 15000 dollars came…

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Oops! Books 📚

“She was brave, and he adored her for it, even as it was employed in the defense of her love for someone else.” - T…

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andrew M

@Irish_Otaku @Kleanthis_Xan @SnowWhite_Lines @blacktom1961 short canines= functional consequence of the enlarged cr…

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#URGENT #NOTICE TO THE #PUBLIC!! Please if you have #children get them a simple cheap #Jogger #Alarm. Its 150db as…

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RT @FischerConnect: Fischer Freedom™ allows design engineers to add more technology and functionality into fixed or wearable ecosystems and…

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Charlie Kirk

This is your daily reminder that Keith Ellison, the former Chair of the DNC and the AG of Minnesota is a known dome…

11 hours ago

Lawrence O'Donnell

This white man with a gun has a lot to say to police, but he never has to say, "I can't breathe."

1 day ago

Peter Stefanovic

Conservative Party Chairman James Cleverly says Corbyn will wreck the economy & won´t keep our streets safe. If you…

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Jake Tillinghast

@WatchTheBreaks Calling the Police 👮‍♂️👮‍♂️

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RT @maryhui: With so much going on, it's easy to forget what wasn't a normalised fact of life 3 months ago. A non-exhaustive list: -thugs…

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