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The Defense Department’s Quadrennial Defense Review also previously warned of climate-crisis migration becoming a n…

7 hours ago

Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper

We continue to hold Defense Wide Review sessions every Friday. I am confident we are making progress to reallocate…

1 week ago

The Wall Street Journal

London intervenes to review $5 billion purchase of U.K. defense firm Cobham by American private equity outfit

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RT @CSIS: In August, the Defense Department kicked off a broad zero-based review of all defense-wide functions and activities. What organiz…

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Nick Harper

RT @RedistrictNet: "I believe that Justice Kagan was right in her dissent when she said that this result was tragically wrong. It removed t…

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David Frum

Trump defense: "I'd never say anything inappropriate if I knew there might be witnesses listening."

1 day ago

Justin Trudeau

We’re going to ban military-style assault rifles in Canada.

6 hours ago

Rick Wilson

Keep an eye on Bill Barr today. I suspect he's a very busy boy in this latest coverup.

1 day ago


5 Pocket #Organizer Adjust to Fit Any Couch or Chair Armrest. Designed to #organize space in front of the TV, Conve…

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Sulaiman Palembani

RT @kandargalang: Kesimpulan/analisa menarik dr prof. @msaid_didu ..ttg UU KPK bru .. UU KPK yg baru.bukan Penguatan kpd KPK..akan tapi Pe…

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