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Maryann DiGiacomo

@megan1996 In her defense, it was on the left side of the sink. And, this is a tween’s vanity!?!?! I had a three pr…

3 hours ago

Olivier Lefevre

@vdesc Elle est absolument pathétique dans sa "défense"... On la débranche quand?

7 hours ago

Leke Brisku

@harrylee773 @NBCNews How so? Vindman is a Ukranian who was offered a job as head of Ukranian defense 3 times. Per…

8 hours ago

Daniella Ceus

@stephenasmith needs to step down off his hypocrisy soap box. Looking more like a tyrant and less civilized everyt…

9 hours ago

Travis Ruger

@be_report Giving him $700,000,000,000 every year to perpetually bomb the world. The impeachment soap opera is a d…

11 hours ago

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