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What is "on time" graduation? The federal definition is 6 years for bachelor's degrees and 3 years for an associate…

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Dan Buffa

The definition of insanity is pretty simple. Christian Yelich has 6 HR and 14 RBI in less than 5 games against th…

2 days ago

Miya🌹-魅夜- 郡山・新宿・熊谷・熊本・福岡・京都・名古屋・緑地?

RT @saku369369: 【探しています】 DIAURA 「DEFINITION」インスト 6/16 littleHEARTS(リトハ) 静岡店 トーク券をお譲り可能な方いらっしゃいましたらリプラ- イもしくはDMにてお声掛けくださいませ。音源の有無は問いま- せん。

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🌺⚜ Donna Carr⚜🌺

@euclid3194 @Objectivity2018 @RoscoP1971 @1776Stonewall Assange told the "Preston on Sunday" show 6/12/16 he posses…

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Dat Boy

@Obeytheboii_11 @ONE_shot_GURL @FortniteGame Twitter is by definition the people who are most vocal. Fortnite has 8…

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