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Bramson ORT College

Bramson ORT now offers 3D Animation and Modeling classes as part of the Game Design & Programming Degree. Learn Autod…

5 years ago

Yung BressMilk

@StrangeKeith Lol that's all you need. I was thinking about getting my degree in animation and drawing all my music videos.

5 years ago

Balin Aguirre

The more I think about going for a degree in animation, the happier and comfortable I feel.

5 years ago

TeJan $h®¡vastava

@shibanidandekar Luking stunning di

5 years ago


In Animation degree doesn’t matter,practical knowledge and creativity matter

5 years ago

Bournemouth Uni

@niallhorn We will need experience of creative and tech subjects at DDD (BTEC) and B in Maths at GCSE

5 years ago


i will learn and get a degree in drawing and animation JUST so i can be able to continue the Dragonball Z story line

5 years ago

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