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Jeff Merkley

Senate poll out of Ohio: Tim Ryan: 43% J.D. Vance: 41% 50 Democrats is NOT enough. We have a real shot to expand…

4 weeks ago

Sheldon Whitehouse

Americans are fed up with secret donors influencing our elections. Democrats are fighting to pass the DISCLOSE Act…

4 weeks ago

David Hogg ☮️

Democrats are finally owning gun safety as the winning issue that it is and not running from it like they used to.…

4 weeks ago

Vincent Waller

RT @VenzMeg: Opinion | Democrats should be clear: A radical GOP is holding the country back

4 weeks ago


@Breck_Worsham @BillHow42017524 @GovRonDeSantis That's the Democrats new strategy. Mock conservatives and call them…

4 weeks ago

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