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【フォロー&RTキャンペーン】本投稿のRT数に応じ- て賞品が変わっていくハロウィーン特別企画が発動🎃賞品はいず- れも2020年度「GOOD DESIGN AWARD」を受賞した注目モデル!15,000RTを達成す- ると、3製品をセットに…

22 hours ago

Naughty Dog

There are just a few days left to vote in the @GoldenJoysticks! We're honored to have The Last of Us Part II up for…

16 hours ago

SungWon Cho

here is the official canonical design for Refrigerator-senpai, thank you @miskiart for your beautiful work

7 hours ago

Joseph Mason

RT @PositivePyrami1: Now that @twitter chooses all our trends for us, we can't really do anything if we find certain content boring. If we…

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ron's brainrot go brr

RT @reveriesky: I'm still not happy with drk!Akechi and I've been sitting on this design for like two months now so I wanted to let Sumire…

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