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The 5 super fruits of summer, according to a registered dietitian:

1 week ago

Miranda Schulte, MS, RD

I cannot stress this enough. Anyone can give you nutrition advice, but RDs have gone through a four year bachelor o…

6 days ago

Debbie McCrory BBC ⭐️

RT @RCHTWeCare: ‘Tune in to @debbiedotmac @BBCCornwall at 4.30pm to hear RCHT dietitian @RachBrandreth talk about a fab new healthy eating…

6 days ago

Olivia Geraghty RD

RT @RichelleFlan: A dietitian first gastroenterology model of care helps improve patient flow, reduces wait times

6 days ago

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これほんとに素晴らしいニュース。常識を疑う精神と、「マークつけたセミを放して後日また捕まえる」というめちゃ地道な行動力。 セミ成虫の寿命1週間は俗説! 1カ月生存「証明」 岡山の高3 学会で最優秀賞

6 days ago

Narendra Modi

Best wishes to Shri @RahulGandhi on his birthday. May he be blessed with good health and a long life.

6 days ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

As much as you want to change a person, be it your loved one, a friend or anyone for that matter, you can’t. Guidan…

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RT @VVanGone: she is rhythm and blues a tune that takes me to a sudden place moving inside me at a constant pace calling me home to you

6 days ago

SILVA, Matheus

RT @etserbu: A MULHER CORRENDO 90 MINUTO SUANDO E A MAKE INTACTA tem q respeitar mulheres

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