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Par2ival's World

RT @BeyondWasd: Get your shovels and shotguns ready for tomorrows newest episode of the podcast! #Podcast #podcasting #podcasters #gamingp…

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Rod Breslau

how to internet effectively in 2020 tik tok is oc, twitter is for posting tik toks, facebook is for ig photos, ins…

2 weeks ago

Anthony Clark for Congress

I spent 2 years serving in the military Honor Guard. Had to bury 100s of soldiers that died in war. I folded th…

2 weeks ago

Vox Vulgaris

RT @NoLore: Remember how a decade ago we all stole music from the Internet and the only problem with it was that artists weren't being paid…

1 week ago

Harald Ploch

RT @Tom_Ruen: Here's a simulation of "just" 2460 SpaceX Starlink satellites in 24 orbits of 60, at 550km altitude, orbits inclined 53 degre…

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