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@yvankamga2910 @Emma_gbrl Ne ne regarde plus didon... Shingeki mon frouaire 😭😭😭 c'est une dimension

11 minutes ago


What metric-dimension combination is not valid? - metri- c-dimensioncombination is not valid?…

1 hour ago

Totes AmazePauls

@metalfreek05 @dwfan89 Personally: Idiotic resolutions to set up issues (eg solution to falling from space is land…

1 hour ago

Jean Michel Billaut

RT @fadouce: #LIBRA, la cryptomonnaie de Facebook inquiéte les états Les ministres des Finances du G7, réunis à Chantilly, veulent plus de…

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@MarvelsStory Pourquoi ? Perso ça me parait plus évident qu’il y ai gdlg 3 avec Thor dedans plutôt qu’un thor 4 vu…

1 hour ago

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LOOK: Imagine yourself asking, "may barya po kayo sa P100,000 na buo?" Here's an image of 100,000-piso Centennial…

16 hours ago

Marshall Cohen

The documents obtained by CNN also add a new dimension to the Mueller report, which cataloged how WikiLeaks helped…

2 days ago

New Scientist

The time paradox: How your brain creates the fourth dimension

1 day ago


@Dishwasher1910 Do isekai npc get isekai'ed in our dimension if they die?

3 hours ago


RT @poetastrologers: Week of 7/14 in Sagittarius: You have read the book a while ago. Still you wander the pages in some other dimension. W…

3 hours ago