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Lou Williams

15 years in this business and the most dirt you have on my name is stopping to get hot wings during a pandemic. Per…

1 week ago

Andy Ngô

Rioters have destroyed the parks in downtown Portland. The grass has turned to dirt mounds and the statues in the a…

1 week ago

Faheem Younus, MD

Many times more HCQ is used for rheumatological diseases and we support that. Dexamethasone is dirt cheap yet we us…

1 week ago

Snow Off-White

@judusumu The point is dirt cheap doesn't matter when it doesn't work. Again... $1 a pill for hundreds of million…

1 week ago

Chazz Princeton

Like I always say, If it can't hide the dirt, I don't want it on my shirt! ...Actually, I just made that up.

1 week ago

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