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Honeypreet Insan

Heartiest Congratulations on the pious #102ndBirthDay 🎂of Param Pita #ShahSatnamJi Maharaj🙏, the inspiration of mil…

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Sanket Upadhyay

Mamata Banerjee is right. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is a political slogan of the BJP. Jai Siya Ram is a religious call in serv…

1 day ago

Pam Keith, Esq.

Just want to note the deep pathology behind insisting that powerful white men NOT be held accountable for their cri…

1 day ago


RT @princess_poki: So easy to manipulate a weak pathetic man. You see a divine streamer and can't help but want to simp. Put us on a pede…

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Mohammed Arif

RT @YALGoharsVoice: It is detestable to worship 🧎 with an impure #body🧍‍♂️and a sin to worship with an impure 🚫 Lower Self’.- #GoharShahi…

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Code of Vets ™

PRAYER REQUEST FROM A NAVY VETERAN “Could you pray for me, im alone and having a real hard time right now.” He is…

1 month ago

Shreya Ghoshal

What a divine melody you have created my dear @MusicThaman Can’t wait for it to release on the 25th! #NeenaadeNaa…

1 month ago

Dharmendra Pradhan

The Lord of the Universe has decided to bless devotees with his divine darshan after a long gap of nine months post…

1 month ago

Ye Wise Olde Witch

@JulieRigby15 Aye, dearie! It is the Divine that is the Source of all things, and thus of all blessings, too! The D…

1 month ago

Divine Life

What you say about others reflects more on you than it does on them. Always be kind. #socialmedia

1 month ago