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Ro Khanna

Private equity firms destroyed these companies by loading them with debt, and then sold what was left so thousands…

1 month ago

Khalil Sehnaoui

I approve of this loading graphic.

2 months ago

Balu Kaliyaperumal

#DrAyya, a man of inspiration & motivation. Being a son of typical farmer from a nondescript village, DrAyya did h…

1 month ago

如月 中目

RT @moyasi_you2: オタクの「待って」はNow Loadingっていうけど 僕の発話前の「あっ」はメッセージウィンドウが出た時の音だからこれも気にしないで欲しい

1 month ago

Christopher Burnette

RT @linuxnet: #linux #netdev Re: [PATCH bpf-next 01/10] libbpf: add .BTF.ext offset relocation section loading

1 month ago