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@globaltimesnews Not talking about conspiracy theories, most of us do believe this virus comes from nature. Like we…

1 month ago

Parlez Librement

@IndoPac_Info @CollinSLKoh Because Fukushima has nothing to do with it... Or US subs with leaky reactors...

1 month ago

Juan camilo Emo

RT @Lada_lyumosCOS: Do you like to study? I like to learn something new, something to be useful or interesting for me But I totally dislike…

1 month ago

Caleb Isaac Davis

So it's either doing my best to do Rila Fukushima or Adam Driver.

1 month ago

Ardie Veritas

@FasherMichael @MattyHuber2017 @ellymelly Chernobyl. Three Mile Island. Fukushima. Do you eat fish from the waters…

1 month ago

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