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Michelle Rodriguez

It’s beautiful to see a true capitalist admit the moral answer to most of today’s economic disparity problems can e…

3 days ago

PAWS Philippines

EVEN DOGS NEED GOOD HYGIENE❤️🐶 One way to avoid gingivitis & other health problems w/ your pets is to make sure th…

1 week ago

Brendan Weathers

@jowrotethis Us childless are allowed to judge the child-havers. Their problems impact us, ours don't impact them,…

1 minute ago

Nick Reget

RT @Thekid0726: Just remember before posting your problems on social media that Nobody cares. Tell your problems to your dog instead and se…

1 minute ago

Laurie Fare

RT @ChrisJZullo: @realDonaldTrump This is Donald Trump’s Wag The Dog moment. Total distraction from this farce of an administration. Don’t…

9 minutes ago

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