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Charlie Kirk

Facts: India has nearly 1.4 billion citizens Nearly 800 million of them live on less than $1.90 per day Yet EVER…

3 weeks ago

Ryan Saavedra

BREAKING: The Mexican government has announced it has seized a major quantity of fentanyl with local Mexican media…

4 weeks ago

Ryan Fournier

Annual cost of illegal immigration by state: CA: $21.8 Billion NY: $9.5 Billion TX: $8.9 Billion FL: $5.5 Billi…

4 weeks ago

Blazing Burgundy

@paddystash How many crypto projects are: Making $50 mill revenue which was last year btw, more projected 2019. $1…

3 weeks ago

wero desabrido

RT @freeadora: rt if you're not afraid to have a picture of GOD on your timeline

3 weeks ago