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*Tunechie Jr*

Definitely not in the Christmas spirit

6 years ago

Groucho Basquiat

@RealCOLEWorld__ you're welcome!! Turn up! I'll drink some Dos Equis for ya in spirit lol :-)

6 years ago

Mónica ~

Smells Like Teen Spirit(:

6 years ago


For the 7th year in a row, The DOS Spirit is proud to present its Annual Christmas Calendar! See it here:

6 years ago

Cabrini Careers

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, learn the Do's And Don'ts Of saying "Thank You" –––> via @WetFeet_Career

6 years ago

Spain Culture NY

When Spain meets Zimbabwe= Entre dos Aguas/Pakati Pemagungwa: An exhibition of works by 12 contemporary artists...

6 years ago

Laila Alsabah

RT @HerCampusAU: In the spirit of #cyberweek... The Dos and Don'ts of Online Shopping @alifolls

6 years ago

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