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Sonam Mahajan

After an unprecedented electoral victory, I heard a lot of BJP netas saying, sacrifices of our martyred karyakartas…

20 hours ago

Lilian Tahan

Comandante do colégio militar D. Pedro II, em BSB, pune alunas por apresentação de dança ao som de funk. Em outro e…

17 hours ago

Mike Cernovich

Ben Shapiro savaged Roseanne and the innocent Covingtongate kids but nothing on his protégés far worse behavior.…

8 hours ago

joyseulwen adlibs in Mr. E

RT @echadoesmakeup: Everybody, please include Mariah in your du’a for speedy recovery 😭 her temperature has reached 40c & the doc said we…

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Hero Name Sam

RT @A_Zedig_Diboine: You thought it was 2D, but it was I, 3D ! My gf played a bit of Bravely default yesterday and it made me realize how…

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