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@mugitaro_comics Sehr dumm Aber interessant!

4 days ago

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Kimberley Strassel

And now they are coming for your toilet paper..... To be clear, folks, there is NOTHING the left would not seek to…

17 hours ago

Dana Loesch

Daily Mail and MN media raise more questions about Omar

18 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

This is your daily reminder that Barack Obama and Joe Biden ran military weapons to drug cartels in Operation Fast…

1 day ago

Filipina Cailin

RT @gideonlasco: To be honest, it’s a daily struggle not to be disheartened by the Duterte administration - its violence, corruption, and s…

9 minutes ago


RT @gominyourmaze: Q: What’s a phrase Soyeon uses often on a daily basis? Yuqi: Ya MC: Deng (wrong answer) Yuqi: Ah because all the words u…

9 minutes ago