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Candace Owens

Abortion, welfare, illegals...Why is that progressive policies always lead to regressive results for the black comm…

1 month ago

Mike Bloomberg

I’m giving $1.8 billion to @JohnsHopkins for financial aid so admissions can be permanently need blind. I want to o…

2 months ago

Michelle Obama

A big shout-out to all the hardworking and inspirational community leaders from around the world in Chicago for the…

1 month ago

Azad Speaks

RT @aarohi_vns: Hey @jack do u even understand what's written on dat placard u are holding n endorsing?u have any idea who are Brahmins?I'm…

1 month ago

sarunas jackson stan page

RT @hawillisdc: 2. to determine time credits a “risk assessment” system would be created that uses info like family criminal history or the…

1 month ago