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Ari Berman

Big news for democracy: KY Gov Andy Beshear just restored voting rights for 140,000 people. This is why voting matt…

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Shannon Stubbs

Breaking news - another oil & gas mega-project in Canada dies. $125 billion+ in LNG projects cancelled since Libera…

1 day ago

Scott Dworkin

Yesterday Pompeo stood next to the Russian Gov’t at a press conference while they lied and said they didn’t interfe…

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@mountaindeux Perhaps because Brits cherish free markets, liberty, small gov and capitalism over a man who calls Ha…

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🐻썰냥팔이 곰돌🐻

무토 웃는것도 넘 이쁘고....다 넘 이쁘다....후....쿠냥님 연성은....그저 빛.....

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