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Georgie Lloyd Parry

With DVD Playback not included in Windows8 (down to royalty and licensing costs!) - let's get this done already.... http://t.co/dSl4zaDQ


8 years ago

P.Facinelli and Fans

RT @BrookeAnderson: .@Peterfacinelli Love the picture u posted of us w/ @BestBuddies Shawn! We included ur interview on her DVD of the n ...


8 years ago

Amber Reilly

Shopping or collage work? Or DVD day? Hmm.


8 years ago


@Pernille_12 when u have the DVD its nothing about video,just wanna post some pics on the page


8 years ago

GOKU Media

Toy Story 3: Best Seller DVD 53% OFF!! http://t.co/VLR9urLz #Kids #gift


8 years ago

Bhaskar Maji

A man was watching a movie at home, suddenly shouts NO ! Don't go inside the church,its a trap. Wife:what r u watching? Man-our wedding DVD


8 years ago

blue watch 77.7fm

@cnnbrk hello. the word 'devil' is in cadillac deville and dvd cuz santa really spells satan. take the red six challenge. follow the numbrs


8 years ago

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