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$AMD gained quite a bit of GPU marketshare in Q4 2017 thanks to mining demand $NVDA

1 month ago

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Bill Maher

Wonder why Fake News resonates so much with Trump fans – because so much of it is fake. Just nonsense made to keep…

1 month ago


This is a MASSIVE scandal, and it cycled out of the news in less than 24 hours.

1 month ago

Reza Aslan

Children as young as 12 were granted marriage licences in Alaska, Louisiana and South Carolina, while 11 other stat…

1 month ago

johnny magnets

BREAKING NEWS: Are your kids playing video games? like cmon abc this isnt 1990 grow up

1 month ago

Ellen Calhoun

RT @deebr97: LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD! GET THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE TODAY!! 1)$600 pot bonus for singles/ $200 pot bonus for dubs 2)Food…

1 month ago