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Just another George (the Penultimate Jedi)

@gavinsl I hear you, but delivery is key. The power dynamic is already a problem. I see how in the abstract this ca…

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Maura Maxwell

There's just a week to go till Fruitnet Forum Colombia, a brand new conference and networking event on one of the m…

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Catherine Naughton

RT @IDA_CRPD_Forum: 🎉 It's a wrap! Read our Wrap up of the 11th CoSP to the CRPD! ‼️ Highlights include: ✅ engagem…

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Advance Care Planning Australia

How do we identify and meet the needs of a dynamic, diverse group of people aged 50-100? Find out at the…

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Laser Scanning Forum

Introductions • Re: LDRPanorama Images: LDR Panoramas (Low Dynamic Range) Panoramas are the panoramic pictures that…

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