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Justin Miller

"If a President...suborns perjury, or induces a witness to change testimony, or commits any act deliberately impair…

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Chris Murphy

Senate Republicans have announced the Senate will be effectively shut down the next 10 days. A total disgrace. If…

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw

I commend my colleagues for wanting to honor our troops. But on day 27 of the shutdown & no end in sight, our fir…

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The 💜 Mela 🖤 Experience♒️ ✍

RT @bauzilla: @DaJoestanator @LooneyTunesWoM Oh man Mel or June can never be replaced ... they inspired so many to become VO artists. This…

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in dog years I'm ded ☠️

RT @Wolfbird_NLCC: Quick Peep is FOR SALE! USD700 + shipping OBO for this mask, other parts available on demand. Details: 23" or under for…

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