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Mary Meldrum

RT @Benzinga: A Whole Lot Of Themes In One New ETF $EBIZ $FINX $SOCL $GXTG

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Any solutions related to #fintech that can benefit OTP eBIZ Ltd. are all welcomed, from interactions between SMEs t…

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Rob Hill Sr.

Trust your ability to learn and grow from every experience, be it good or bad. Whatever comes your way, use it to m…

1 month ago

Mark Kern

We’re raised a generation of quitters, taught that when they fail, it is the fault of parents, government, “systemi…

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Vala Afshar

A rich life: 1. You and your loved ones are healthy 2. Quality time with family and friends 3. People who love and…

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RT @Driz__5: I’m attracted to intelligence, not necessarily book smart intelligence but soul intelligence. Don’t get me wrong, your physica…

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