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Richard Cooke

Today’s challenge: find a single News Corp staff member or property that has responded to James Murdoch’s comments.

2 days ago

Anand Sanwal

We’ve been building facial analysis software @CBinsights that evaluates founder(s) faces and how tired they look or…

6 days ago

John Gibbons

“I feel sick, not because the email has been circulated but because I have been contributing to this deception by c…

1 week ago

Oladotun Olayemi

RT @MaarufYakub: Yes, before I forget again. Youth Corp members, please if you can't do anything significant with your alawee. Please do an…

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Ed Bradford

@612Gravy @neelkashkari It is likely not that direct because the person who trades tbills won't shift to equities b…

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