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Eclipse Foundation

Yesterday, the #EclipseFdn was awarded the Duke's Choice Award in recognition for #opensource contributions to the…

11 hours ago

Mike Milinkovich

"...Jakarta EE 8 represents a full leap to open source, which should please a lot of enterprise Java developers." 9AgzQmn

6 days ago

Amr Awadallah عمرو عوض الله 🤖

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of the Jakarta EE 8, the first truly open-source, vendor-neutral v…

2 hours ago

Shabnam Mayel

RT @t_mashologu: Congratulations to the #JakartaEE community! On behalf of @JakartaEE, the Eclipse Foundation Wins Duke’s Choice Award for…

5 hours ago

A Sainz

RT @Rainmaker1973: @NASAJuno This is what a solar eclipse look like on Jupiter: moon Io's umbra moving across the gas giant's clouds top [s…

5 hours ago

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