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Stan Griewahn

Here's an easy #homeremedy for getting rid of unpleasant tartar stains from your #teeth and having a #healthysmile!…

2 days ago

Orel Letteen

Not all #fish are created equal. #Tilapia might be the worst one of all. Here are 4 good reasons why tilapia is bad…

4 days ago

☆~*Paulie Poo*~☆

Many Name Brand Tea Bags Contains Copious Amounts of Deadly Pesticides in Tea

5 days ago

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Kamala Harris

Republicans and this Administration have sabotaged the Affordable Care Act at every turn, causing premiums to rise.…

1 month ago

Joyce Alene

So, a drug cartel boss’s lawyers walk into the FBI & say, you can interview our guy after you show us the evidence…

1 month ago


RT @Badnotmad: Willard Wigan is pure genius... his mum would be so proud

1 month ago


RT @derekjohnthom: @willardwiganMBE what an truly amazing documentary on Channel 4. Willard Wigan you are a genius. I would urge anyone who…

1 month ago