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We worry when symptoms come but refuse to notice the deeper disease. Children are being taught in madrassas that pu…

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وزارة التعليم - عام

#فيديو | نهنئ طلابنا وطالباتنا بنجاحهم، وتحية امتنان لأصحاب العطاء 🇸🇦

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Mark Joseph Stern

BREAKING: The Supreme Court takes up a case about the independent state legislature doctrine for next term, which c…

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Democratic Socialist Party of America🌹

RT @LeeCamp: While the US gov't has sent $54 Billion to war in Ukraine, new numbers show there are 100 Million Americans drowning in health…

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Definitely Donald #StarmerOut #VivaChile #BDS

RT @Ian_Fraser: @BankSigForgeCam The National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) was set up in 2018 with a view to, among other things, “safeguar…

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