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Washington Post

The Trump administration is prohibiting CDC officials from using these words or phrases in any official documents b…

9 hours ago

Dreidel-vid Klion

Net neutrality dies 3-2. It's really remarkable how many consequential, society-altering decisions are being decide…

1 day ago

Jessica Rosenworcel

The @FCC voted to roll back #NetNeutality today. History will not be kind to this vote to destroy Internet openness…

1 day ago

Teenager who is a fan of watching (+ making) films

RT @iainlee: And now I feel very nervous about the potential reaction to that previous tweet. All I know is strawberries to 1 side, I did n…

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영상전보벌레 발견! 아론 일당을 순간 포착했습니다! Tz #트레크루

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Viviana Bonilla

Chilenos residentes en el exterior votan por primera vez. Nuestros migrantes también tienen ese derecho, pero ademá…

3 weeks ago


【SHIBUYA SPORTS CAR FESTIVAL 2017】 続きです。また #タミヤ さんとのコラボで、ヘッドマウントディスプレイを装着して専用シミュレーターに搭乗し、カメラが取り付けられたRCカーを走らせるアトラクショ…

3 weeks ago

Swahili Times

RC Paul Makonda atembelea meli ya madaktari bingwa kutoka China ambao watatoa huduma ya matibabu bure kwa wakazi wa…

3 weeks ago

Michael Landau

I'm killing it on @NeonMob today! @Zhindhramor

3 weeks ago


@craftydarkpixie How long have you been back? This is only my second full day at home, tried to power nap it early,…

3 weeks ago