Electricity Prices tweets

Marc Jacobs

Electricity down at Goa Gong area. What's wrong with you @pln_123 > some of the highest prices yet some of the worst services in the world.


7 years ago


RT @kJanen: “@uSwitchUK: Energy price changes since 2005: http://t.co/8dxYmdYU All organised by supplier, so you can see how your one ha ...


7 years ago

Kylie Jacobson

.@theqldpremier says elect prices big issue for homes and sml businesses. That is why Govt froze tariff 11. COAG path fwd on electricity.


7 years ago

lee fowley

Isn't this country wonderful the electricity providers keep putting prices up but when the powers out theres no reduction on your bill!!!


7 years ago

Rhiannon Sawyer

Has Australian suburbia lost the lights because of electricity prices? Cause if so, this is the real travesty. http://t.co/7HVsZyEO


7 years ago

Gordon Vaughan

RT @lsteffy: What has electric deregulation cost you?: Texans have paid an extra $10.4 billion in electricity prices that exc... http:// ...


7 years ago

Helen Griffiths

RT @MartinSLewis: Eon hiking prices in Jan (as predicted) as soon as their 'no hike promise' ends, still time to grab a cheap fix, see h ...


7 years ago

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