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Dalai Lama

Mental transformation takes time, but it becomes easier with familiarity. Don’t entertain unrealistic expectations;…

1 month ago

Shawn Access

Join the #IfICantHaveYou premiere chat now to unlock content ahead of the official video release at 12am ET…

1 month ago

Paul Joseph Watson

The creepiest thing is not the bans, it's the threat that anyone else will be banned for talking about the people w…

1 month ago


RT @BettyGuchu: This is what Amina Mohammed said in London: "Our approach to sports management remains firmly anchored on the athletes". Ju…

1 month ago

Harriet Fitch Little

"Of course it’s fictional. It’s pixels, it’s performance, it’s a trigger to engage.”—Laure Prouvost, who insisted o…

1 month ago