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regex - PHP email validation - Stack Overflow #php

6 years ago

Victor Lontoh

regex - PHP email validation - Stack Overflow: #php

6 years ago

Charles Arthur

@AndrewzCooper as do I! Worst thing is how crap gmail filters are. Can't set for a regex or even simple character setting in body of email.

6 years ago

William Durkin

@fatherjack try looking for RegEx for email address validation, wins on no. of implementations (AFAIR all wrong too / have caveats)

6 years ago

Mario Sangiorgio

'Failed to get email domain regex' while trying to join a yahoo group reminds me why I just always want to avoid their products

6 years ago


@uppfinnarn You can use Regex for a lot of things, even validating postcodes, email addresses.ect...

6 years ago

annie may

RT @tenzerothree: Today I've learnt how to set up javascript email address regex validation and jQuery ajax data posting. My career is e ...

6 years ago

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