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Dono Of The Dead

@mazdiggle @brynbrnkmn @EllisMate @joerogan Please enlighten us, the internet has no good emediate answers.

4 days ago

Matt Malkowski

@EwinRacing its been 3 weeks since I returned a damaged chair for exchange. Customer support dont answer me your ph…

5 days ago


taking emediate actions are prefereble than explaining in words to respect the rules & regulation of the country to minimize death

6 days ago

Delta Mike

I say that truckdriver must be fired with emediate effect.He shudhave used that truck as a weapon.He is a Cowerd,an…

1 week ago

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Bill Clinton

Twenty-four years ago, I signed the Federal Assault Weapons Ban into law. It, along with other policies, led to a 3…

1 week ago

Charlie Kirk

California has the highest poverty / homeless rate in the country, by far Every major city in California has a Dem…

1 week ago

Charlie Kirk

Met some anti @realDonaldTrump protestors today They insisted he was a racist yet couldn’t name ONE RACIST THING H…

1 week ago

Ralph Hays❌

RT @JamesOKeefeIII: We are starting the search for every rotten, crooked, law-breaking individual in the Deep State. We and others are goin…

1 week ago

Ferdinand Jacobs

RT @SayEntrepreneur: SABC is retrenching Eskom is retrenching Telkom is retrenching PetroSA is retrenching Denel is retrenching Prasa is re…

1 week ago