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🐾 Alice 🐕

@arkyairedale My gawd! Lookee at those enormo bear fangs!!!

10 hours ago

Catherine Bray

@goodjobliz Was a toss up between this and this pic of you cradling the enormo sack of rosé like you’re singing to…

22 hours ago

Chris still

@Susannah_J @EdgeCGroup @Jorge_orwell Well I have an iPhone 8 as my personal one, and don’t want two enormo-phones to cart round.

1 day ago

Guy Haley

@rachellucie I don't think Hebden Bridge will plunge into the darkness. But if things do go wobbly, I'm retreating…

1 day ago


Sometimes old skool is the most effective #caffine #reminder #gettingold #enormo #postit

2 days ago

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Wow! When Trump tweeted that spliced video of Ilhan a few weeks ago to a weak response in the House, I definitely d…

1 day ago

Nick Jack Pappas

The House voted 247 to 175 to end military assistance to Saudi Arabia. The Senate voted 54 to 46 to end military a…

19 hours ago

Sara A. Carter

Talk about a conflict of interest....Judge who upheld ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ subpoena donated to Dems on committee seek…

1 day ago

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India's president appoints Modi as premier for 2nd term

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The dragonslayer hit a dragon knight at his home.

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