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RT @t_d_h_nair: @angshukanta - @RifatJawaid called me asking permission to publish my blog. The piece was refused by many to publish and it…

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John Chapman

Did the UK remove the right of copyright owners to control the right to copy their work? | Copyright Blog

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Legacy Equipment

If you have any doubts, err on the side of caution and consult or hire an expert. If however, you have a small tree…

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RT @bainjal: Had @arunjaitley blogged about the collapse of the markets & ₹ yet? A blog will fix the economy & the bloodbath in the markets

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Yami Jay // Janie B.

Needed to check the info and... Err... FFVII and Tekken 3? @ViciousSHADi, which Tekken was your favorite again?

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