Essential tweets

Stones Madison

RT @theSarahCoyne: Quotes from Pitch Perfect are quickly becoming essential to my vocabulary. #whoopthereitis

7 years ago

Maxwell Pemberton

Using math for drinking is pretty essential at this point. #StatsG

7 years ago

Trilogy ✘O♡

love, trust, respect, loyalty, and communication..5 essential parts of a successful relationship

7 years ago

Marc Ramírez

Love is the condition where the happiness of your love one is essential to you own -MR

7 years ago


@phoenixfound another essential. i think the smile is included:

7 years ago

Laura Murillo

RT @The1DNialler: Being a DIRECTIONER is like H2O. No Color No Shape No Place No Size No Money No Rich No Poor But still essential for l ...

7 years ago

Kyle Patterson

In winter, self-reliance is essential

7 years ago

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