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At Brazil's Pink Farms in Sao Paulo, fruits and vegetables grow within a tower stacked 10 stories high with plants…

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@Metalhead9806 @So_Ethereal @xenosaga7 @Nibellion @aibo_ac7 Looks like I triggered another one. If you want to play…

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RT @cheolliechwons: gyuldaengis or not, i think we can agree to this mingyu's ethereal visual

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Diamond and Silk®

Dear Black people, please don't allow Mini Mike Bloomberg to buy your vote!

21 hours ago

Rep. Katie Porter

Congress gave the President $1 billion to use his wartime powers under the Defense Production Act to buy masks and…

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Ashtabula has decent, cheap houses for sale but i could never get myself to move back there. Even rn, I want to mov…

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@Aztyyy07 @kaedochiyama Mdr sale fou

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