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Kathie Dello

It's been a dry year here in the Willamette Valley of OR. There are a few days left, but the year will end with pre…

3 weeks ago

Eugene Robinson

At this point why does anyone go to her “briefings” or pay the slightest attention to what she says? Serious questi…

1 month ago

Eugene Scott

@nhannahjones Indeed. This is why sometimes phrases like “people of color” or “minority voters” really aren’t helpf…

3 weeks ago

ron carden

@NutjobJohnny @Redpainter1 But ITs weight is ITs fault as well. It’s not like IT was always obese. And you can’t bl…

3 weeks ago

Eugene Suh

RT @SenSanders: As we enter the new year let us not forget that while the very rich become much richer, millions of Americans are unable to…

3 weeks ago

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