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Norm Eisen

There is news in the Mary Trump book. A lot. But this is not it. With Dr. @BandyXLee1, I have been shouting abou…

4 weeks ago

Emily M. Farris

Got my student eval (only one did it) back for my summer class. Under suggestions for improving: “I would have pref…

4 weeks ago

Elgin Charles

Schedule a psych eval, ASAP.

1 month ago

Rakesh Mohan

RT @unfpa_eval: @msegone @KhalilBitar capture key takeaways as #Eval4Action MENA regional consultation closes: ✅Build bridges w/ partnersh…

3 weeks ago


@ByMarcMcGowan Suns should chase Laird. Offer a decent pick and maybe entice the Crows to trade to add to their draft haul this year.

3 weeks ago

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