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SI All-American

Big, productive get for @ASUFootball in East St. Louis WR Dominic Lovett Friday Highlights + SIAA Eval:…

1 month ago

Fumiko Ladd Chino, MD

Phenomenal RCT of >300 pts: #MachineLearning guided x2 weekly eval of high risk patients led to a decrease in ED v…

1 month ago

l a l u n a

RT @thrumoonphases: Brian: "eh itu kenapa masih ada yg telat?" Brian: "minta tolong ya yg itu tadi nanti suruh bikin surat pernyataan aja"…

1 month ago


@soulcutter Clojure's REPL is the *composition* of read, eval, and print. Eval takes a string(!!) in Ruby.…

1 month ago


@alpeanuttz @octapiaa_ @collegemenfess Belum ngrasain aja kena eval berjam jam

1 month ago

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