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Jamaal Anderson

RIP to my teammate @Mitch_Petrus. This guy brought the wood EVERYDAY at practice. No days off w/ him. Fun guy to be…

3 days ago

Tim Pool

I work everyday about 10-12 hours on Youtube/Podcast specifically No days off, no vacation

4 days ago


There are no days off when you’re healing. Everyday you have to be an active participant in the life you want and who you want to be.

34 minutes ago

Mitzi ✨

I work everyday my both jobs, I have no days off what so ever this week & I’m tired 😔

5 hours ago


RT @NatalieSarahs: @smfehir Trudeau isn’t a good PM at all, just for the record. But today is Sunday. Doing quick math, I have taken more t…

8 hours ago

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Mufti Ismail Menk

Change isn’t easy. Even when you want it to happen. But if you’re serious about wanting to make your life better, y…

1 month ago

Subramanian Swamy

TV Channels are screening the bashing of a Muslim by rogues for alleged cow stealing and blaming BJP. But where did…

1 month ago

Bleacher Report

A couple days ago, Roldany Velez was hooping in Santiago without shoes Now, he’s in gear calling out defenders to…

1 month ago

Mr Right Left

RT @brexitparty_uk: It took the Labour Party 45 years to win the popular vote. The Brexit Party has done it within 45 days. This is a vict…

1 month ago

Toine van de Ven

De vorige week geopende #beweegbank is pas het begin. Doel is om meer beweging in de openbare ruimte te stimuleren.…

1 month ago