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Saladin Ahmed

if you're talking about why comics sell or don't sell but you're talking about content more than you're talking abo…

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Erica Schultz

When you're reading your comics, look at the lettering. Is it distracting from the art or story? Good lettering is…

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Delilah S. Dawson

Got a question for the Ask the Bards podcast I do with @KevinHearne? Reply to this thread or use hashtag…

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Cyrus S

@Polomare @Pat_riot1776 @undecisive_diva @iheartmindy Brain is partially active during sleep, additionally a living…

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“Foxy” Calvin Campbell

RT @undeadscribe: Do yourselves a favor and read the Luther Strode trilogy. Like Irreedemable, Incorruptible and Invincible, it is one of…

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