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There's a new No. 1 in the college hoops AP top 10: 1. Michigan St. 2. Duke 3. Villanova 4. Arizona St. 5. Xavi…

1 month ago

New England Patriots

AFC East. Postseason bye. Home Field advantage. #NotDone #GoPats

1 month ago

David Lammy

Is that Toby Young who said I was wrong to criticise Oxbridge for failing to improve access? The Toby Young who onl…

1 month ago


RT @TORENTOkun: 北ヨーロッパでは石器時代から19世紀まで地面に深い穴を掘ってヘラジカを追い落とす猟法が用いられていた。 ウィキペディアより

1 month ago


RT @ndapewoshali_a: @reekrillz20 @politiCOHEN_ @_JakeRussell The fact that you think this is funny and can't see the incredibly insulting f…

1 month ago