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Laura Kate Dale

Let's repeat this for the folks at the back. Whenever you see a headline state that a group entered a gendered spac…

22 hours ago

Luke Rosiak

A litany of examples of the #AwanBrothers allegedly obstructing justice and bullying victims and witnesses. Now a n…

12 hours ago

Jake Tapper

I ask the attorneys out there: are either of these examples of good lawyering in any way? I’m sincerely asking.

1 day ago

Matt Cohen

RT @markvalli: I'm presenting tuesday the 20th at 530 @OxyISLA on LA's forbidden city. Have been finding some local examples of buildings t…

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Delighted Kougar

RT @jrsalzman: I could go all day citing examples. Until our government agencies become competent, it doesn’t matter how many laws are pass…

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