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Ivan Mehta

In October, American Express India's database was out in open for five days. @MayhemDayOne found the database had…

6 days ago


I liked a @YouTube video Tip 4. Macro para insertar imágenes | Excel 2016

20 hours ago

Dawn Bjork, MCT

Software/Tech Tip: How many characters is that? Easy in #Excel with LEN function; great for #tweets

1 day ago

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Tory Lanez

Sometimes the People u love aren’t the best for the job ... keep that in mind and you will excel a lot faster

1 day ago


SBI Ripple Asia demoed MoneyTap, a real-time payments app powered by Ripple, at @sgfintechfest and discussed how it…

1 day ago

Logan Paul

today we give praise to the first responders keeping us safe & remember that our nation is powered by the great Ame…

2 days ago


Tutorial Dasar Rumus IF AND, IF OR | Belajar Rumus Excel via @YouTube

19 hours ago