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↳ ᗷEᑎᒍᗩᗰIᑎ ↰

@Lightni58066391 meet..." did a deep breath in, exhaling slowly "At the studio then..." his voice was still shaken…

1 hour ago

Lineups & Chill

@al_FF_red @DBro_FFB Are you fading 7.31?

3 hours ago

Gabriel Davis needs love too

@DBro_FFB I get it was not what folks hoped but let's take a step back and imagine fading a 4.47

4 hours ago


RT @TheRealDoctorT: On a blank sheet of paper, a single red dot is perfectly centered. Surrounding the red dot are dots of different color…

5 hours ago

Acid Green 🇸🇪 🌹

@TechConnectify Here's an idea for a video, if you feel like doing another video on colours: Why is red of all colo…

6 hours ago

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