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Brandon Friedman

Roads in Dallas are snowy and icy and the government is telling me to stay home or I might die. But this is infring…

1 month ago


I thank everyone who has reached out or tried to reach out one way or the other. I’m still receiving treatment and…

1 month ago

Laurence Tribe

18 USC 2383: “Whoever incites,... assists, or engages in ...insurrection against ... the United States or the laws…

1 month ago


@Jamz5251 @munza14 I don’t know but authorities themselves are responsible for this chaos and public skepticism. B…

1 month ago

Marilyn J-W

RT @EssArrBee: @agraybee I'm with you. I want to move forward and stop letting Trump control everything. If he runs again, or someone worse…

1 month ago

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