Fantasy Football tweets

David Richards

Haha, my girlfriend is amazing concerning fantasy football "I know!!! I had a decent week, but Bretts team was ballin outta control!"

7 years ago

Ciaran McNamara

Does anyone want to go see fantasy football club on Friday? Text me

7 years ago

Ryan Weiss

i'm in shock to look at my fantasy football team and realize that I still have a chance to win if jarrod mayo gets me 6 points tonight.

7 years ago

Alex Beckers

I think this has actually been the worst fantasy football season I've ever played.

7 years ago

Grant Paulsen

Apparently I'm that guy. Just got a text from @HoldenRadio telling me I need to pay my fantasy football dues for this year AND last year.

7 years ago

Bryan Hogland

Remember when my fantasy football team wasn't terrible? yeah me neither.. #OneAndDone #StupidEliManning

7 years ago

Blake Costalupes

@J_Harvey17 its just fantasy football dude u cant win em all. Ahha

7 years ago

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