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FASHION Magazine

"Anyone who says they saw potential in [me and Scott] is lying. We were brutal. We were small and cute and felt awk…

5 days ago

FASHION Magazine

@SelenaGomez is designing a new clothing line with @Coach

4 days ago

FASHION Magazine

"I could lie and say, ‘I walk on the street and look at a tree and I find inspiration,’ but I don’t. The person in…

6 days ago

Megan Breukelman

Today's #SundayRead is ONE Magazine, a gorgeous independent #fashionmagazine 😍 The quality of the imagery is just..…

3 minutes ago

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Chris Creamer

Vintage Web Design: Official website home page of the @NHL, November 1996

2 days ago


What would you do if @ICEgov entered your home in the middle of the night and took you away? Astrid was planning he…

2 days ago

Norm Eisen

Always an honor to occupy the top-right corner of the NYTimes home page. But of my 15 editorials for @nytopinion in…

3 days ago


RT @BTSx50States: ARMY! HOPE WORLD is the Top @radiodisney Song right now! Have you gone to the app and given J-Hope some ❤️?? Just scroll…

2 days ago


RT @ShafiNaqiJamie: #بلوچستان کے بیٹے ! تیرے بچپن کو میں جوانی کی دُعا دیتی ہوں اور دُعا دے کے پریشان سی ہو جاتی ہوں بلوچستان کی مائیں، بہ…

2 days ago